The company is an experimental workshop of ideas.
Unconstrained by stylistic preconceptions, it represents the starting pointof the roots of Signorina Roma, with the aim of exploring society and in particular the progressive emancipation of the female universe.


In 2019 Signorina Roma was born with the idea of making authentic
Italian style accessible to all women. Signorina Roma was born for the women who want to wear stories. Each piece is inspired by the simplest, most fascinating, incredibly iconic universe: the female one. Destined to stay for life in the wardrobe of those who choose it, a garment that smells of memories, life and adventure, which becomes the second skin of the one wearing it.



A woman, her love of life, her passion for fashion and her dedication to work and career, a woman who can do everything while remaining
Her love for travel and discovery, from great Africa to refined Vienna, her life is full of adventure.

From Apulia To Rome

Born in Apulia, she built her dream in a large house in the center of the eternal city, Rome. She has never known greater love than that for animals and nature, culture and literature, fashion and …her granddaughter. Her name was Caterina, known to all as the “Signorina”.
Signorina Roma, an ode to a woman, to every Signorina.


Each item signed by Signorina Roma is conceived, designed and
entirely produced in Italy. The company aims to minimize the
environmental impact of its production within the next two years, by
adopting eco-friendly solutions.

The Italian manufacturing guarantees a significantly reduced ecological footprint compared to the standards of the fashion industry; There is also an important selection of all the materials used in production, which starts with fabrics and ends in the
choice of eco-sustainable and reusable packaging, already adopted for e-commerce.

The brand, as well as the entire company, also dissociate themselves from the use of any product of animal origin, guaranteeing the end customer a cruelty free product.


Signorina Roma has invested in e-commerce with an e-shop website on the Italian market. The platform immediately experienced significant growth internationally, attracting customers from Turkey, UAE, Lebanon, France, Germany, Spain, USA, India and Russia.
The company has also activated a multilingual consultancy service, to support the customer during and after his shopping experience on

IG: @signorinaromabrand
FB: @signorinaromafashion
PHONE: +39 3500022085


• Your body talks about you, even the clothes you wear do.

• Details matter.

• Design is love for the eyes.

• Love for oneself is true beauty.

• Perfection is imperfect.

• What matters in a dress is the woman who wears it.

• Style is escapism.